It is with great disappointment and sadness that we are having to suspend our operations of accepting print portrait orders and providing photo day services for this fall season. The reasons are many; our industry as a whole has been decimated by a year of closure. The support services required to process and print your portraits have had to close their doors for good, or aren’t able to staff to appropriate levels for timely delivery. We have also experienced the inability to staff photo shoots. Without staff and without operations we are unable to fulfill our services.

We remain in a serious pandemic due to low vaccination rates. This newest highly contagious COVID variant plays a very large role in my decision making to pause in-person photo day services. It is both a moral and a business decision combined. Sports portraits is an in-person service. A sports photo shoot has the potential of being a super-spreader event. 

  • From a liability stand-point I must protect my customers, my staff, my business, my family and myself. With vaccination rates being so low and not being able to know who is not vaccinated I can not take the health risks or the business liability risks.
  • From a personal standpoint I have four grandchildren who are between the ages of 6 months and 10, and a mother who is 89 and at high risk. Although I am fully vaccinated I can not take the risk of getting infected and carrying it to them. It is my moral obligation and duty to protect them and to protect all of you.

With respect and appreciation for all of our customers and community,

Laurie L Alsted

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